SWOP 2021 | Launch Smart Innovation, Implement The Dual Carbon Policy

29 Oct, 2021

SWOP 2021 | Launch smart innovation, implement the dual carbon policy

Creating smart innovation, practicing dual-carbon policy, swop 2021 levels up and starts a new journey

Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. will join hands once again to present the Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 23 to 25 November 2021.

As a member of the interpack alliance, the world's leading packaging exhibition, swop will not only continue to exhibit the entire packaging industry chain, but also discuss hot keywords in the industry with packaging professionals, brand owners, and OEM/ODM foundries. Sharing the cutting-edge concepts and technologies of packaging on hot topics such as lightweight, asset-light, youthful, smart, personalized, new materials, new technology, sustainability, new design trend etc., swop is bound to lead future packaging trends!

Covering eight terminals, integrating the entire packaging industry chain.

Exhibition includes:
•Processing & Packaging Machinery for Food & Beverage
•Processing & Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
•Processing & Packaging Machinery for Non-food Consumer & Industrial Goods
•Processing & Packaging Machinery for Confectionery & Baked Goods
•Packaging Materials, Packaging Means and Final Goods
•Packaging Production
•Packaging Printing
•Components for Processing & Packaging
•Smart Packaging and Automation technology
•Logistic Packaging
•Packaging Design

New highlights of swop 2021, a strong line-up of 150+ exhibitors - Green Power Dual Carbon New Era

Swop 2021 will introduce “Green Power Zone” and gather more than 150 exhibitors to showcase a variety of new materials and machinery, including recyclable bio-degradable packaging materials, fully biodegradable bag making machine, paper-plastic packaging, new material and production equipment, paper container production equipment, etc.

Renowned exhibitors include Yuto, Beauty Star, Zidan, Guolong, Hengxin, HGHY,  Reberet, HSM, Esun, Hua Wei, Jia Lian, Euro Asia, Mr. Bamboo, etc.

"SAVE FOOD" debuts at swop 2021

Food security concerns everyone in the world. Food loss and waste are "the great challenge of our time". Packaging plays an increasingly important role in food production, storage, transportation, processing, consumption, traceability technology and other fields.

This summit forum will be held concurrently at the World of Package (Shanghai) Expo site. In the form of sub-forum discussions, the forum will gather relevant government agencies, scientific research units, representatives of grain and agricultural products processing and packaging and their supply chain and discuss together what can be done regarding saving food.

At the same time, this year coincides with the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. We will present awards to the winners of the final honor of the Fruit and Vegetable Hero among all the food heroes this year, encouraging different fields to contribute to saving food.

Concurrent events and professional topics - New materials, new technologies, sustainable

On 23th November, Experts will discuss hot topics at concurrent events.

Held by Shanghai Society of Plastic Industry, forum on ‘ Achieve Carbon Neutral and Emission Peaking Goals by Developing Green Packaging Materials’ ,

Topics will include:

•Compliance and safety of green food packaging materials

•GRS certification and evaluation of recycled plastic products

•Application research of PBAT film

In the afternoon, held by Plastic Packaging Product Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association , 2021 Forum on Innovation for Sustainable Development of Plastic Packaging cum Commendation Conference of Plastic Packaging Product Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association , will discuss packaging trends from multiple angles and aspects.

Topics will include:

•Statistical data analysis of China's plastic packaging in 2021

•Technological innovation in plastic packaging reduction

•Exploration of high-value utilization of recyclable and renewable plastic packaging

•New materials, new technology, new craftsmanship, new equipment technology sharing

•Introduction to "Shanghai Green Packaging 14th Five-Year Plan", etc...

Shanghai World of Packaging (Swop), as a member of the interpack alliance, the world's leading packaging machinery and processing exhibition, will make full use of the interpack alliance’s global network and professional resources to provide an excellent trade display platform for domestic and foreign processing and packaging machinery manufacturers, packaging material production suppliers. Swop will provide one-stop processing and packaging solutions for end buyers of food, beverages, medicine, daily chemicals, desserts, bakery, non-food consumer goods and industrial products.

swop 2021 will cover a broad range of categories, including AI, smart factories, label printing, processing and packaging components, packaging materials and container manufacturing, e-commerce and logistical packaging, innovative packaging materials, package design, customized packaging, and lightweight packaging. It will offer innovative packaging solutions for the entire production chain and showcase smart processing and packaging production lines. Five special areas will display all the hot spots of the packaging industry.

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