The 29th Shenzhen Gift Fair and 1688 Source New Factory Goods Merchants Festival Together to Create A New High In The Industry

05 Nov, 2021

On October 21, 2021, the 29th Shenzhen Gifts and Home Furnishing Fair and 1688 Source New Factory Goods Merchant Festival held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. It covers an exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, it is currently China's largest professional gifts and home furnishing exhibition. The exhibition is based in Shenzhen, leverages the industrial advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to boost the development of the consumer economy.

The scale is larger. Create the flagship event of China's ceremonial industry

This year's exhibition refreshed the scale of the exhibition again, upgraded to 300,000 square meters, gathered 6,500 companies, 13,000 booths, more than 20 categories, exhibited 1 million + creative gifts, national gift buyers, terminal group buyers, retail chains. It is expected that 300,000 buyers will come to visit, includes agencies, e-commerce selection products, live selection agencies, etc.

Develop more and integrate industry super resources

The 3rd Shenzhen Gifts, Consumer Goods Packaging and Printing Exhibition, which coincides with the current Shenzhen Gifts Fair, will be held in Hall 6. Focusing on packaging products, packaging materials, packaging design solutions and printing services. , To gather leading suppliers in the packaging industry to create a professional business platform in the field of gift packaging in China and realize one-stop ceremonial procurement.

Exhibits cover packaging products, packaging materials, design and printing services, focusing on consumer product packaging and supporting solutions such as electronic products, cosmetics, watches and jewelry, tea, tobacco and alcohol, food, gifts, etc., which meet the rich and diverse customized needs of gift buyers.

Why choose Shenzhen Gifts, Consumer Goods Packaging and Printing Exhibition

1. Strong demand for gift packaging, seizing market share. The gift industry is booming. Big names such as Jinjia, Dongshang, and Xinheli are vying to enter and seize the gift packaging market through the exhibition.

2. Complete industrial chain, accurately docking 5,000 gift companies. At the same time, Shenzhen Gift Fair gathers 5,000+ gift companies, 22+ product categories, and the complete industrial chain accurately docks upstream and downstream supply and demand.

3. Collect industry contacts, get 200+ brand companies in the new industry information industry, 100+ industry media associations, and multiple concurrent forums to build an effective social platform for you.

4. Multi-channel promotion and recruitment of buyers, helping enterprises to expose. Based on 500,000 accurate data, buyers are recruited through portals, search engines, call centers, market visits and other channels, and the corporate brand is strongly exposed.

Efficient value helps companies achieve their exhibition goals

1. Develop new distributors, agents and partners

2. Expand new customers and sales leads

3. Improve brand awareness and industry status

4. Understand new industry trends, policies and market information

5. Signing/transaction

Lock industry chain resources to cover key northern regions!

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