China (Qingdao) Biodegradable Plastic Technology and Market fourm

12 Oct, 2021

On September 26-27, 2021, the "China (Qingdao) Biodegradable Plastics Technology and Market Forum" hosted by the Institute of Biodegradable Materials was grandly held in Qingdao. More than 500 guests from all over the country attended the event.

Our country is a big producer of plastic products, and plastic chemical industry has been a pillar industry since our country's reform and opening up. In 1980, the national output of plastic products was 1.14 million tons. As of last year, the statistics of our country's industry are more than 70 million tons, which does not include many enterprises with sales below 20 million. There are more than 430,000 plastic processing enterprises in the country, with an estimated output of more than 130 million tons, which is a huge output. From January to July in 2021, the total output of the national plastic products industry is 46.055 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 14.48%. The export value of plastic products was US$52.054 billion, a year-on-year increase of 46.99%. The economy continued to recover steadily and stabilized and improved. At the same time, our country is also a big consumer of plastics, and plastic pollution has caused a series of environmental problems. The biodegradable materials we focus on are new hopes for dealing with environmental problems. Biodegradable materials are the focus of the national new materials strategy. As early as February 1, the Ministry of Science and Technology released 18 key special projects of the "14th Five-Year" National Key Research and Development Plan, including biodegradable polymer materials that can be repeated chemically. With the tightening of the plastic restriction policy, the biodegradable material industry has ushered in the spring of development. The National Development and Reform Commission's "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution" stipulates that by the end of 2022, non-degradable plastic bags will be banned in all cities above the prefecture level, which has stimulated the rapid increase in production capacity of degradable materials and has become a hot spot for industrial investment. The pace of development of degradable plastics in our country is a bit fast. In view of this, the "14th Five-Year Plan of Action for Plastic Pollution Control" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in September also mentioned the scientific and stable promotion of plastic alternatives and the promotion of the biodegradable plastics industry. Orderly develop, guide the rational layout of the industry, and prevent the blind expansion of production capacity. There are many types of biodegradable plastics. I hope that major companies can develop production capacity according to local conditions according to their own technology and capabilities. Don't crowd them. Not every company can apply and develop well. Different varieties of bio-plastics have For their respective suitable application areas, the most important thing for major companies is to make their own products fine-tuned, improving efficiency and increasing profit margins.

According to relevant data, the global demand for biodegradable plastics in 2012 was about 269,000 tons. In 2020, the global demand for biodegradable plastics was 523,000 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%. In China, as the ban on plastics is becoming more and more stringent, the domestic biodegradable plastics market has entered a period of rapid development, and the market scale is bound to expand rapidly; in the context of the substantial increase in demand for biodegradable plastics in Europe, America and other regions, domestic biodegradable plastics the scale of plastic production and sales will also increase rapidly.

In order to better adapt to the industry background and contribute to the sustainable development of the entire plastics industry, the China (Qingdao) Biodegradable Plastics Technology and Market Forum was held as scheduled on September 27, focusing on the innovation of technologies such as degradable plastics and renewable plastics and application.

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