Brazil São Paulo International Packaging, Printing and Logistic Industry Exhibitio

01 Mar, 2022


Sponsored by Reed Exhibitions, the exhibition was founded in 1967, dedicated to showcasing leading products in the packaging industry. In 1973 the exhibition was renamed SIE-International Packaging and Printing Exhibition. In 1975, SIE cooperated with FIEPAG International Packaging and Printing Exhibition. In 1998, exhibitors in the packaging industry had their own exhibition, which is BRASILPACK-Brazil International Packaging, Printing Machinery and Logistics Industry Week.

In 2008, the major packaging industry exhibitions in the southern hemisphere were merged into Brazil International Packaging, Printing and Logistics Industry Week to be co-organized. It includes the following trade shows: BRASILPACK (International Packaging Exhibition), FIEPAG (International Paper and Graphics Exhibition), FLEXOLATINOAMERICA (International Flexo Trade Exhibition), SALOEMBALA (Packaging Design and Development Conversion Agency) and BRASILSCREEN&DIGITALSHOW (International Printmaking and Digital Printing Exhibition). They will work together to create the most powerful and grand exhibition event in the southern hemisphere.



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