INTERNATIONAL BIRD DAY|Love Birds and Protect Birds, All Things In Harmony

02 Apr, 2022


Birds are the close companions of human beings. Their dynamic bodies not only add beauty to our lives, but also make the world full of vitality. Every year, April 1 is International Bird Day, and the second week of this month is also the Bird Week, which was originally established to protect migratory birds between China and Japan.

In recent years, China has actively established bird nature reserves, implemented rescue and protection actions for endangered birds, cracked down on illegal hunting and catching of wild birds, and continued to increase bird protection efforts, with the number of bird species already nearly one-sixth of the world's bird species. In February this year, China's "national key protection of wildlife list" after the adjustment of the revised release, compared with the original list 244, bird key protection objects increased by as many as 150 species.

China's ecological protection is deeply rooted in people's hearts, forming a harmonious ecological picture.

Heilongjiang: Song Hua River Jiamusi section ushered in the army of migratory birds returning north

Recently, on the Jiamusi River section of the Songhua River, there is a spectacular scene of geese singing and ten thousand birds flying in the long sky. Every year, from mid-March to mid-April, more than 90 species of birds, including geese, autumn sand ducks and mandarin ducks, stop here to rest, resupply and breed, reaching hundreds of thousands at most. To minimize the impact of human activities on birds, local goose watching platforms have been built and many publicity signs have been set up to protect the environment and care for birds.

Guangyuan, Sichuan: Herons live in harmony with the village

During this period, in Zhahua District, Guangyuan, Sichuan, hundreds of herons are nesting and breeding in villages, and everywhere you can see the spectacular sight of dozens of nests in one tree, some are hatching, and some chicks have already emerged from their shells. With the strengthening of protection, herons and villagers living together in a village, has become a beautiful and harmonious natural landscape.

Gansu Aksai: the spring tide of ice and snow melting, 10,000 birds soaring gathering Sugan Lake

Since the beginning of spring, the snow and ice in the wetlands of Big and Little Sugan Lake in Aksai County, Gansu gradually melted, and tens of thousands of great swans, egrets, spotted geese, geese and wild ducks gathered here. In recent years, Aksai County has been increasing the protection of grassland wetlands, returning grazing to grass, providing a better space for migratory birds to breed and roost, and the variety of birds has increased year by year.

Jiangxi Longnan: Farmers busy with spring plowing, egrets flying in the fields together

Recently, in Jiangxi Longnan City, Hong Yang Village, a thousand mu of rice planting base, when the tiller in the field shuttle back and forth tilling operations, a group of egrets in the field play, foraging, and work with the villagers of spring farming to paint an ecological picture of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

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