4 Benefits of Biodegradable Bowl Packaging

15 Sep, 2022

In this era of environmental advocacy, fast-food restaurants, retail facilities, delis, and more food service companies must look into more sustainable food containers. Fortunately, biodegradable bowl packaging is an emerging eco-friendly solution that meets food safety standards and reduces packaging costs.


Advantages Of The Biodegradable Bowl Packaging


Natural & Harmless

Typically made from bagasse, biodegradable bowl packaging is a more sustainable alternative to plastic. As a by-product of sugarcane manufacturing, bagasse is the fiber left over from sugar production and is very abundant and renewable. Bagasse is used in a wide range of food packaging applications, including boxes, trays, bowls, plates, cups, and other food containers.


Biodegradable bowl packaging is stronger and more durable than other traditional foam packaging containers. The disposable biodegradable bowl can be safely stored in the refrigerator. Excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for cooked food that is safe under microwaves and does not affect food quality. Since the bagasse is not adversely affected by the environment, the biodegradable disposable paper bowl is perfect for shipping and storage conditions and food packaging.


32Oz Disposable Bowl

32Oz Disposable Bowl


Energy Saving

Compared to non-biodegradable disposables, the biodegradable disposable paper bowl is made from renewable raw materials, saving the earth's natural resources and requiring less energy to produce. In addition, the disposable biodegradable bowl is an environmentally friendly option that effectively reduces the overall carbon footprint.


Quite simply, when you turn to a more sustainable food packaging solution from single-use plastic, a huge boost comes to your business, the environment, and even the planet - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions released, increasing brand responsiveness and corporate responsibility in environmentally conscious.



One of the most important benefits of using biodegradable disposable paper bowl includes easy composting and return to nature over a period of time. The biodegradable disposable paper bowl and other biodegradable tableware will typically decompose within one year in a home compost bin and within 3 to 6 months in an industrial composting environment.


Plus, when you invest in biodegradable bowl packaging, you're strengthening your brand reputation. In other words, you create a positive consumer experience while giving your business or restaurant an edge over competing brands. After all, a commitment to the environment is becoming increasingly important to consumers, so much so that more and more consumers are willing to pay more for services and products offered by eco-friendly brands.


Biodegradable Bowl With Lid

Biodegradable Bowl With Lid


Economical & Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, eco-friendly food packaging solutions can increase sales and win customers over to your brand, but that's just the beginning. Because the biodegradable disposable paper bowl is lightweight and portable, making biodegradable bowl packaging costs less to ship.


In addition, The disposable biodegradable bowl and other biodegradable tableware are naturally safe and friendly, leaving no toxic chemicals or residues behind. It can act as compost to promote a circular economy, adding nutrients to the soil and helping boost food production and agriculture.



Now that you know the benefits of choosing biodegradable bowl packaging. Act now and get the best quality biodegradable disposable paper bowl for your restaurant or cafe. MIDA is the place to be!


At MIDA, you can find a full range of non-toxic and eco-friendly food packaging solutions in different shapes and types, including the biodegradable food plate, biodegradable paper packaging box, biodegradable bowl with lid, disposable food serving tray, biodegradable coffee cup lid, and so on. Contact us today at angolcao@fsmida.com for a favorable price!

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