How To Choose the Best Biodegradable Packaging Box

17 Aug, 2022

Nowadays, the biodegradable packaging box is the ideal solution for caterers, sandwich stores, restaurants, and more enterprises in the food service industry. The biodegradable boxes for packaging is versatile that is perfect for serving anything from hot entrees to cold salads and desserts.


The biodegradable sugarcane paper box is an eco-friendly option that makes a great fit for socially responsible businesses. In addition, the biodegradable food packaging box has an attractive, modern design to enhance a variety of settings, venues, and dishes. However, what can biodegradable packaging boxes bring? How to choose the right one according to your actual needs?


3 compartment biodegradable food boxes

lunch box disposable 3 compartment



Made from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing, biodegradable boxes for packaging are 100% biodegradable and fully compostable to nature within 90 days. It is ideal for environmentally friendly businesses in the catering industry looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Differ from other disposable products that are burned when thrown away to cause air pollution, and the biodegradable food packaging box can be renewed and recycled.


Bright & Modern

Featuring a bright white finish and contemporary square design, the disposable environmentally friendly lunch box always looks so safe, pure, and unpolluted to fit into almost any restaurant decor and theme. Whatever the food is in the box, it will surely contrast with the white finish of the sugarcane or bagasse pulp material.


In other words, the biodegradable sugarcane paper box creates a clean and fresh canvas for any type of food to look appetizing. This is a great choice for your picnic and also very common for serving exotic dishes at Asian restaurants or market stalls.


Durable & solid

As mentioned above, although biodegradable sugarcane paper box is made of natural plant fibers such as sugarcane, bamboo, wood, etc., all raw materials are recyclable and sustainable. But that doesn't mean they're fragile! With superior strength, the disposable environmentally friendly lunch box will not crack or break under moderate pressure, strong enough to handle a variety of daily use needs.


The biodegradable sugarcane paper box adds convenience to the serving process - healthy, non-toxic, non-hazardous, hygienic, 100% food contact safe, resistant to high and low temperatures, microwave, oven, and refrigerator safe without leaking or deforming, can handle even the most complex menu items! Superior cut and grease resistance makes it possible to use for a variety of foods!


biodegradable food boxes suppliers

2 compartment biodegradable food boxes


Easy to use

To prevent spillage, the biodegradable food packaging box has a secure lip along the rim with an easy-to-close perforated lid. This extra protection helps contain the contents by creating a tighter seal between the lid and the container than traditional foam or cardboard take-out containers.


Biodegradable boxes for packaging take up less storage space than other disposable alternatives and can hold heavier food than paper or polystyrene foam. In addition, the biodegradable packaging box for food can save energy and resources since it requires much less energy to produce.



Now, it's time to get rid of foam or plastic containers altogether to create a more eco-friendly and green life! The biodegradable food packaging box comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and specifications in the market, which are suitable for all kinds of food packaging.


If you're looking for the convenience of the disposable environmentally friendly lunch box without the environmental impact of plastic or foam, look no further than MIDA biodegradable packaging box! As one of the professional biodegradable food boxes suppliers in China, we also offer a wide range of biodegradable tableware products at affordable prices! Please feel free to contact us at for more details!

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