biodegradable seed trays amazon


The biodegradable seed trays amazon can be a more eco-friendly substitute for plastic plates or paper plates. Our disposable food serving trays are plastic-free - 100% made from natural fiber products like sugarcane pulp, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, and other plant fiber. These biodegradable trays are available in a variety of specifications: biodegradable tray with compartments, disposable 5 compartments paper trays, disposable food trays with lids, biodegradable supermarket trays, biodegradable sushi trays, biodegradable seed trays amazon, etc.


The biodegradable seed trays amazon applied a heat-tolerant design that is microwaveable and freezable, great for holding greasy foods without having liquids seeping through. No matter if you're hosting a party, running the servicing business, dine-in restaurant service, or any event, biodegradable compartments trays are a perfect option for serving both cold and hot dishes. Besides, we also offer biodegradable cup lids, which are the best eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic lids. If you want more information about the biodegradable seed trays amazon, please feel free to contact us at any time!


MIDA biodegradable seed trays amazon:
Natural sugarcane bagasse pulp
100% biodegradable and compostable
Food safety level and super sturdy
Water-proof and grease-proof
Hot-resistant and freeze-resistant

Since 1997, MIDA has focused on environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable development. We have engaged in manufacturing plant fiber pulp molded biodegradable disposable tableware, like plates, bowls, cup-lids, trays, biodegradable seed trays amazon, etc.


We set up 60 fully automated production lines, providing customers with high-efficiency and large-scale production capacity and agile customization services. Together with us, enjoy your green life!


Why Choose us?
* Good quality and stable supply chain for rich raw materials sources.
* Cooperation with domestic sugarcane, reed, and bamboo farms can ensure sufficient pulp supply.
* Eco-friendly and food-grade standard is our first priority and strict rule.
* Equipped with advanced automatic machines, shorter lead time. Six production bases, fast delivery.
* Healthy, nontoxic, harmless, and sanitary, FSC, ISO certifications approved.
* Great company strength, professional service, and products, with the high phrase from our customers.
* Insist on creativity with full customization, offering the best products to meet our client’s needs.

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