Taishan Shichang Group-25th Anniversary Celebration

27 Oct, 2021

Taishan Shichang Group was established in 1997. It is a large and medium-sized enterprise in the advanced packaging industry integrating R&D and production. It has a provincial-level high-strength and compression-resistant corrugated board preparation engineering technology research center and has more than 20 intellectual property rights. In recent years, it has developed into One of the three largest pure corrugated cardboard manufacturers in the province. 25 years of wind and rain, 25 years of growth; 25 years of hard work, Shichang Group has demonstrated Shichang's strength in the same industry with the most advantageous service and the most practical labor. Today Shichang Group has become a company with great influence in the industry.

25 years of team-working have made the company what it is today. Thank you to tens of thousands of customers all over the world for their unyielding support to the company, to all the employees of the company for their hard work, and to our entrepreneurial colleagues. Thanks to our management team for their dedication and conscientious work. Thanks to those colleagues who have made contributions to the company. Your dedication will also be remembered in the hearts of Shichang people forever. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Shichang Group, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the leaders and friends who have given the company's care and support over the years.

Shichang Group will continue to adhere to our mission, create value for you and me with the goal of products and services, and make more contributions to the society with the pursuit of a green life. In the near future, Shichang Group will become a first-class paper packaging enterprise group in the country. By providing competitive products and services, it will continue to create value for customers, create a platform for employees, create returns for shareholders, and create harmony for the society. Create motivation for nature!

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