Production Ceremony and Signing Ceremony for The Plup Molding Capacity Expansion Project

25 Feb, 2022

On February 25, 2022, Shichang Paper Group, Foshan MIDA Eco-Friendly Production Co., Ltd. and Huagong Huanyuan Green Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to expand the production capacity of biodegradable plant fiber products project.

With the aggravation of "white pollution", countries have introduced plastic restriction orders. In order to better replace plastic and other packaging products, biodegradable plant fiber products have emerged. More and more businesses are choosing to use biodegradable plant fiber tableware to replace plastic tableware and other tableware packaging methods. Among the many excellent supplier teams, Shichang Paper Group and its subsidiary Foshan MIDA Eco-Friendly Production Co., Ltd. are honored to be favored by several purchasers. With the increasing orders, Shichang Paper Group decided to expand the production capacity of pulp molding. Shichang Paper Group invested a total of $40 million in this capacity expansion project to double the pulp molding capacity. With the new equipment purchased, Shichang Paper Group and Foshan MIDA Eco-Friendly Production Co., Ltd. will be able to meet the growing demand for pulp molding products.

At the signing ceremony, the person in charge of the project of Shichang Paper Group introduced the expansion capacity of the biodegradable plant fiber products project. It is understood that Shichang Paper Group's biodegradable plant fiber products project plans to invest a total of RMB 40 million, and the pulp molding capacity expansion project will be located in Taishan City, with a proposed land area of about 16.7 hectares to expand and reproduce biodegradable plant fiber products.

Shichang Paper Group and its subsidiary Foshan MIDA Eco-Friendly Production Co., Ltd. always insist on the mission of creating value with green products and services, saving resources, recycling and returning nature to nature. The signing of this project is an important part of the implementation of the central government's "double carbon" goal and the creation of a circular economy industrial park, which is in line with China's industrial ecology and ecological industrialization integration development strategy, and will add momentum to the development of China's green circular economy.

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