Celebrating International Womens Days

08 Mar, 2022

Happy Women's Day

The 112th International Working Women's Day came with the spring breeze in this season of blooming flowers. In order to reflect the company's care for the female workers, active the company's cultural atmosphere, and at the same time to highlight the company's female workers' style, strengthen female workers' self-confidence, and inject new vitality into the company, the company carried out the "Warmth Return" International Working Women's Day activity in the morning of March 8.

On the day of the activity, the general manager of the company gave all the female employees of the company elaborate holiday gifts and sent holiday wishes, expressing affirmation and gratitude for their silent dedication, hard work and "women's vigor" over the year.

At the same time, the company also organized the same time to go to the park near the company to enjoy the flowers picnic, to reward their hard work to come back.

The flowers are also beautiful, and so are the people. May women have a happy Women's Day and be yourself.

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